Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It - One Week to Go!!!

Wow - I go back to school in ONE WEEK (well, technically I go to orientation in one week, but still)!!!  I have so much to do, and so very little time...where are those crying emoticons when you need them?!

Now enter Tara's Monday Made It :) I didn't get much "made" this week that's worth showing...I guess my classroom reveal (whenever I actually get to move in) will officially show what I have been up to all summer ;) But I did get something done that I have been waiting to prep until the last minute - mainly because they take up a bunch of space in my basement...

I made my kidney table crate seats!!!  YAY!  I love crate seats because they fit so well around a kidney table and push right under the table when you're done with them.  I knew I wanted to go all out with the padding, because I have personally sat on crate seats that were not well padded, and they were NOT too comfortable to sit on for very long (errr...not that I want my kiddos so comfy that they fall asleep while I am teaching guided reading/guided math...).

In case you want to make these for your classroom space, here is a list of materials you will need:

*3/4" plywood, cut to fit the crates
*About a half a yard of fabric for each individual crate seat (you will have some leftover depending on how you wrap the wood/foam)
*2" thick foam padding - I got mine in a roll on sale at JoAnn Fabrics ONLINE
*Ribbon for the seat pulls
*Spray glue
*Staple gun (with LOTS of staples)
*Crates of your choice - make sure the have the hanging file lip!

Hubs was such a big help cutting the wood.  I have no fear of little old staple guns, or even hand saws, but I don't do electric saws!!!  Once the wood was cut, I used an old pair of scissors to cut the foam to size.  I started with a serrated knife as some other bloggers recommended, but I found that the scissors just cut a little easier.

Once the foam was cut to size, I used spray glue to hold it in place on the plywood.  With the spray glue holding the foam in place, it was easy to staple the fabric in place.  I also assume it also helps the foam not move around under the fabric when a wiggle worm is sitting on the crate ;) A lovely family friend helped me hold the fabric in place as I stapled.  It's not difficult to do it on your own, but having a second pair of hands was a little bit more efficient. 

Once the fabric is on, the hard part (that wasn't really all that hard) is complete.  Next, I stapled pieces of ribbon under two sides of the seat.  The ribbon loops will make it easy to pull the seat off the crate if I want to use the empty space for storage.  

The finished product turned out beautifully.  My classroom theme this year is rainbow chalkboard, and these crate seats will bring that beautiful pop of color into my room.  The fabric was PERFECT - such fun, vibrant colors :)

Isn't my little model adorable?  I wanted her to sit on the crates, but she insisted on being right under the rainbow :) 

I can't wait to see other fun projects on the link up!  Until the next Monday Made It...ciao for now folks!

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