Sunday, May 4, 2014

A New Adventure

Hi everybody!  Welcome to New Adventures in Elementary!!  My name is Nadya, and I am a 31-year-old career changer getting ready to embark on my journey into Elementary.  After so many years of not knowing where I fit in, I finally found my calling.  When I was a student, I would have guaranteed that you would not catch me stepping foot into another school building again.  I HATED SCHOOL - in fact, by the end I slept through most of it!

(That's me on the lower left)

I am currently in my last two weeks of the Elementary Education/Special Education (EESE, though it was definitely NOT) program with Towson University.  Though I have enjoyed my time in the program and am grateful for the new bonds that have been created, I am ready to get into my very first classroom.  This program has broken me down, built me back up, and made me realize that I was made for the classroom!

I started this blog because throughout my student teaching, and over the last semester of this program, when things got really tough the teacher blogs are what have kept me going.  There are so many inspiring teachers whose fires burn so bright that they can't help but light beautiful flames for those around them.  I hope that one day someone tells me that my blog helped to inspire them through their journey.  Thank you for joining me in my journey.  Over the next few weeks, you will see me reach a goal that I never thought I would (get a college degree!!! - AHHH), and begin my terrifying job search in elementary education :) Stay tuned for what happens next...

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